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Hey Happy Halloween everybody! When now have several great entires on this art jam, and if you still plan to make something for it remember there's still time left.
How about it folks? It's that time of the year again for Ghost, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, zombies, etcetera, etcetera, so why not an art jam of Ahsoka celebrating the holiday by wearing a cool costume!

-The Art Jam shall end on November 7, 2014
- Entries can be made with any medium, as well written stories.
- Subject must have Ahsoka, obviously, though any other extra character can also be including
-You can make multiple entries
-All entries must be submitted to the "Art Jams" folder.

Barrissoka Fake Comic Book by PDSmith Ahsoka Halloween Costume by habariart Halloween at Coruscant by Raikoh-illust Ahsoka Tano Halloween Costumes by Crimsonight Barrissoka: Sith CandySith Candy
by Lordhadrian
"Hurry up, Ahsoka!  We are getting ready to leave." Barriss urged Ahsoka to pick a costume.  Barriss was already in her kitty cat outfit.
Trick or Treating was about to begin and they had to pick up Asajj, Padme and Riyu Chuchi.
Ahsoka grabbed the Hutt outfit, big and bulky though it was and started squealing in delight.
Barriss sighed "You goofball!  Why don't you ever wear the sexy maid outfit?"
Ahsoka pouted "Because EVERYONE wants me to wear that one!  Nope!  I'm going to dress like a fat stinky Hutt!  *HAW HAW HAW!!  CHUUUN WOOKIE!!*
Ahsoka presented herself in a fat Hutt suit with a pillow inside to make her look large.  She even had a large tongue in the mouth piece and used it to fake slobber all over Barriss.
"STOP IT!!  That's GROSS!"  Barriss closed her eyes and felt her body twitching in disgust, but Ahsoka just laughed.
"Anyway, we gotta go pick up Asajj, Padme and Riyu.  Meow!"
"You'll have t
Barrissoka: Campfire TalesBarrissoka
Halloween Art Jam
Title: Campfire Tales
    Senator Chuchi, Assajj Ventress, Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano were camping out on the moon of Endor, deep in the dark forest as night fell.  They sat around the fire, telling scary stories and eating squishy mallow treats on a stick.  Ahsoka was telling a freaky tale about a legend of the "Life Day Madman" that roamed these very woods, eating ewoks....
    "And on the door handle of the speeder....was a hook!" she raised her voice with intensity.  The others gave a little shriek, except for Ventress, who chuckled and rolled her eyes.
    Ahsoka looked at her and raised an eyebrow as the others wrapped themselves in their MLP sleeping bags.
    "You don't scare easily, do you?" she looked at Ventress "We've told three tales of terror so far and you seem to laugh it off."  she popped a squishy mallow treat in her mouth and stuck another one on her stick to hang over the fir
The Head Vampires by Raikoh-illust
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